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Tier 1- Papua New Guinea Red Mountain Natural

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Tasting Notes: Plum, Brown Spice, Dried Cranberry, Rose

Elevation: 1550 Meters

Processing method: Natural 

Varietal: Typica

The Lahamenegu Mill, located in Papua New Guinea’s Eastern Highlands, serves as an essential link between Genuine Origin and local producers. While most smallholders in PNG process coffee at the farm level, the Lahamenegu Mill allows Volcafe PNG to buy in cherry, experiment with uncommon processing methods, and have a firm grasp over quality control.

PNG green coffee beans are usually wash-processed, but private ownership of a wet mill has its privileges. It means natural (or dry) processed PNG green coffees like this can be made to order. For natural coffee lots, cherry is only sourced from farms that are part of a registered supply chain. The Lahamenegu Mill encourages long-term relationships with smallholders, which in turn maintains production consistency and quality over the years.

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