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Tier 1 - Colombia Experimental Processed- Double Fermentation

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Tasting Notes: Sweet cherry, strawberry, peach, citrus, very sweet with caramel syrup. 

Elevation: 1950 masl 

Processing method: Cherries are fermented for 24 hours, then de-pulped and fermented again for 28 hours. 

Varietal: Caturra 

We have been searching for this experimental processed lot for 6 months. It is here. Limited quantity, it will sell out quickly. This coffee is special.   

Gladis Hernandez and Sandra Diaz are two women who run the processing mill and association for this coffee. The 170-member association skews young - nearly half of them, women smallholders. 

To produce this exceptional double fermentation coffee, the two smallholders exclusively selected red cherries from their crop of Caturra coffee and fermented them for 24 hours. Once the cherries were de-pulped, the seeds were fermented again for 28 hours. Double fermentation brings out the sweetness of the beans by prolonging their contact with the cherries. Temperature is carefully controlled during both fermentations to avoid disturbing the coffee’s pH, maintaining a balance between body and acidity throughout the process.

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