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Tier 2- Uganda Rwenzori Bugoye Natural 2023's New lot

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Tasting Notes: Berry, Brown Sugar, Dried Plum, Black Tea

Elevation: 1900 masl

Processing method: Natural  

Varietal: SL14

The Bugoye community resides north of Kasese, living and farming throughout altitudes ranging from 1,300-1,900masl in western Uganda. The smallholders grow coffee as their main cash crop. Harvesting and selling cherries pays for essentials like sending children to school. The coffee trees that populate these smallholder garden plots are mostly SL28 and SL14 cultivars that were originally developed in Kenya.

With attentive processing at newly established stations around the region, natural Uganda coffee lots like this can deliver an excellent, high-scoring cup profile. Flavors of this coffee include berry, brown sugar, dried plum, and black tea with a medium body and mild acidity that speaks to the potential of the local terroir.

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