What are these coffee tiers?

Here at Storyline Coffee Roasters we have two tiers of coffee. Tier 1 and Tier 2. 

Tier 1.

Our Tier 1 coffees have a cupping score above 90 always. What does that mean? Cupping in coffee is like wine tasting. Coffee experts taste the coffee for 10 different qualities. 

1. Fragrance 

2. Wet aroma 

3. Brightness 

4. Flavor

5. Body

6. Finish 

7. Sweetness 

8, Clean Cup

9. Complexity 

10. Uniformity 

Of these 10 items a coffee can score up to 10 points for a total score out of 100. Now here is the thing you rarely have a coffee with high clarity and high complexity. Or lots of brightness and sweetness with body. Now these coffees exist but you are quickly seeing how getting a high score in every category is hard. Really hard. 

Our Tier 1 coffees score 90 or better always. This eliminates almost all of the coffees we can source because it is difficult to find coffees that score this high. These coffees are truly for the coffee snob. We try to keep the price as reasonable as possible with these but the coffees are incredibly good. This is why our tier one coffees sell out in about a week which is why we added preorders. 


Tier 2.  

Our Tier 2 coffees are for the every day coffee drinker. These are affordable and very tasty. We still source the best possible coffees in these categories but they are more approachable coffees. We just added our Tier 2 coffee and honestly I am blown away with the quality. Its super tasty. Like I feel like we're getting robbed selling this for 10 dollars and I love it. For me what this is like is that go to crushable beer that is always amazing. 

Our Congo is organic, sweet, fruity with a good body and chocolate backbone. 

This coffee is going to be around for a while so no worries about pre ordering or it selling out in a week. This will be your new go to. If you want to try some check it out below. Free delivery to Salida and BV and we ship it for cheap. 


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