Coffee Subscription 2.0

Hello everyone it feels good to be back in the saddle. We have been a little quiet around here recently and that is because we have been working up some new things. I sat on Justin's, from Trail Sister's, porch with a few beers and he came up with some great ideas. Huge shout out to you Justin. So we are going to run with it. 

Before we explain, I want to thank our current coffee subscribers. I'll never change the price for you guys on the coffee subscription even with these changes. For those of you on the fence now is the time to get in before things change. 

Ok, we are going to be creating educational content and ramping up our subscription service. You will receive 2 videos with your coffee for the week. One will detail a coffee region and tasting notes about the coffee. The other will be a brewing method or recipe.  This content will come to you in various was, both text and video. 

Soon we will have two tiers to our coffee subscription one will be the coffee and educational content. The next we are really excited about. The next will come with coffee gear, cold brew kits, tee shirts, latte kits, hats, and other coffee items once a month. This will tie into our videos. So the video will have a recipe to create our lavender latte and you will get everything you need to make it. You will still get coffee every two weeks but this will be in addition to that. 

We are excited about these changes and hope you are two. Making craft coffee accessible has always been a big part of our story. We are excited to share this with you and bring you along this journey. 


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