Blue Berry Dream

So here is the deal. I have been on the hunt for a certain coffee for 6 years. That is a long time to be looking a coffee but here is why it is worth it.

When we started roasting we started on this set up. Yup ghetto as hell.

Thats a small drum, attached to a extended drill bit thats hovering over your dirty back yard grill. This is how we got our start. Funny thing is this is also how we roasted on the of the best coffees I have ever tasted. 
This is exactly what it tasted like. 

So much so I ran to the store bought these gems and ate them every time I drank the coffee. It was unreal, the sweetness of the blueberry, the scone like taste with it. You would think when you have a coffee like this you would take a picture of what it was so you could remember it forever. Nope. Nothing. 

So years past and I continue to try and find this mystery blueberry dream. And then Amber and I walk into a little coffee shop in Denver, Overt, if you haven’t checked them out you should. 

We order an Ethiopia Cortado and boom the dream is alive again. The blueberry muffin flavors come bursting through the creamy goodness. Now this is helpful because I know its and Ethiopia but I have no idea what coffee it is.

However this has sent me on a mission to roast a blueberry coffee to match. This is why we purchased our next Tier 1 coffee. It’s a blueberry forward coffee. This will be on preorder as of 2.12.21 with and expected ship date of 2.26.21.

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If you want some of this Blueberry dream preorder yours below. I’m anxious and excited. Maybe this is the one. 

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